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October 30, 2008


Phil Bartlett

This idea can go for miles. More power to you!

"Fluff" Flanagan

It'll all come out in the wash.


You got a lot of parrots squawking on this website!

Paul Hurt

Now I see what the School of Life is trying to accomplish here by bringing this aphorism website to fruition: Aphorists are often very strong minded, those who try to bring aphorisms into existence are strong, and with much incentive to be strong they have something unique to contribute here, and to create something new that was not around before in cyberspace: The Daily Aphorism website.

Drew Byrne

This website could be the sort of public open forum in the literary world where aphorisms really come to the fore among the common people... It's a pity that one is so limited by "the powers that be" as to how many entries for the "proffered prize" one is allowed personally to put down on it, as, speaking for myself, on this website I could probably write a good book-full of the stuff without thinking too much about it at all.

Sally Sims.

Classic idea! Keep them coming.


Ah, the art of the Aphorism... at least it's a victimless crime...

Andrew Badu

This is a great website - keep the aphorisms coming! We all need a bit of encouragement at times: Do your best. That is all that is required. A small thing it is. Anything else is beyond the pale.


The demons of mistake are more amusing than the parrots of dejection.

Graeme Outerbridge

The School of Life by copying the ideas of the Oxford Muse has given the highest form of flattery.

Gordon Brown

Ah, vanity of vanities, all is vanity (plus a bit of the Hokey-Pokey on the side). But the contemplative process of deep relaxation engendered by reading aphorisms from the pages of The Daily Aphorism website, are like a swift, refreshing wind on a stormy day that helps clear the cobwebs from the mind’s eye.

Drew Byrne

In my humble opinion, people (or every "fellow aphoristic persons" posting on it) have the given right to post whatever they wish on The School of Life’s Daily Aphorism website, just so long as it sounds (or seems) basically aphoristic in content and form, structure and syntax, and, for a larf, I frequently attempt it myself (as, after all, anyone can write one, though it takes some skill to do it well). However, I think it a pity that, from the start, it was not made a point of posting anything interesting on the website specifically by traceable, known persons (whether "known to the Metropolitan Police," or not, but at least traceable) that, sometime in the future, it could be printed up in a book of amateur "aphorisms" produced by the School of Life’s own press, just for a laugh maybe. That is, after The School of Life going to all the trouble of inviting people to compose and post their own contemporary aphorisms on the website, as part of the campaign to "spread the word" about aphorisms through the Daily Aphorism website. As, after all, I’m sure that sort of book would be a best seller in the school’s London shop, and the profits from its sale (if any, after costs) could go to charity...it’d probably end up outselling the school’s famed series of posters of famous people’s famous aphorisms even, given that anyone with an aphorism printed in it would want to buy one (at a reasonable price)...but there you go.

Drew Byrne

A man's time spent contemplating the infinite on The Daily Aphorism's blog brings everything into sharp focus; indeed, he could not be a well-rounded individual without doing so at least once a week.

Allan Brown

Despite being invited to by "a very polite machine," I have no inclination to post another comment here...yet.

Allan Brown

"Now is the time of our dishcloth tent"...but do we really know what this really means to us once we wash our hands of it?

Archie Pratt

I expect that where the utility of the Daily Aphorism is concerned it can be seen as being one more bended bow added to the Colledge of Lifemanship’s pregnant quiver of arrows, but where will it end? Where it began I suspect: not embedded in the gold but at least in transcending it’s own philosophical anomaly.

Allan Brown

An aphorism a day keeps the philosophers questioning their right to diagnose the ills of the human race, and to get it wrong anyway.

Fritz Lagusad

The object of the joke knows when to stop when he asks himself whether he is happy or not.

Fritz Lagusad

When the dog barks at the owner, it means it wants to exchange places.

Drew Byrne

The best laughs last longest, but does the object of the joke know when to stop?

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