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March 06, 2009


Pom Pom

A lovely read aloud is The Great Brain series. However, our most popular bedtime story was the ongoing backyard adventures of Twinkle-y, an after dark fairy who occasionally borrowed abandoned toys and doll clothes from our yard and made friends with mean as well as pleasant birds. As I lie tucked in beside a child, tired from a long day of mommy chores, my imagination would sing along, taking Twinkle-y from one funny adventure to another. Sometimes, I'd doze off, still singing, and the children would nudge me saying, "Mommy! That doesn't make sense!" But, they always begged for more. Last summer, visiting two darling girls in Sydney, this granny told the stories to them and they begged for Twinkle-y visits every night of our visit. I felt so pleased to take Twinkle-y to another continent! I mean to write them down and illustrate. My father assumed the same cozy position when my sister and I were young as he told us fascinating stories about The Green Green Forest. I can still hear his appealing "daddy voice" pronouncing those juicy G's.

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