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June 08, 2009


Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

Among other things, Rawsthorn pointed to the disconnect between what she calls "making things look good" and what could essentially be termed "making this do good."

Rawsthorn is not alone. Just last Friday, Alissa Walker, who writes for FastCompany and GOOD Magaizine, penned a poignant and passionate opinion piece titled Why I Write About Design Now (a play on the title of Cooper Hewitt's 2010 National Design Triennial, Why Design Now?), partly in response to this rather short-sighted critique of the Cooper Hewitt show by The New York Times' Holland Cotter.

Kate Andrews

Looking forward to this sermon.

Pom Pom

Smart, Alice. There are so many possibilities for innovation and the human spirit CAN do it. So many astonishing and original designs occur privately - in the African squatters villages, downtown Cebu City, Bangalore (the colorful saris - wow) and the people continue to create. Design is a rather arrogant word, isn't it?

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