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October 27, 2009



I wonder if we hate bankers because their wealth means that somebody else is poorer as a result? In the case of a rock star or a footballer, they do earn huge sums, but not at somebody else's expense. So although we recognise that footballer's vast wages are extravagant - profligate even - we see a banker's salary and bonus as theft. And we hate that.

Just a thought.


Bill Gates and his wife have dedicated the second half of their lives to spending his fortune in ways that assist under privledged people and those in medical and educational need in developing countries. - Not many bankers do that


You're quoting Aristotle Onassis, right?


And what do we think about those whose wealth is inherited?


Did I just stumble upon the Daily Mail?

I'm pretty sure Madoff considered himself as lucky as Bill Gates every single day that he managed to convince his investors that he was managing their hard earned money.

Are you sure the general populous do not look at footballers and rock stars and wonder how they justify their huge earnings for merely entertaining us? I'm pretty sure in Aristotles time he would have been horrified that a mere entertainer was held in higher regard than himself.

Has the School of Life become blinded by celebrity?

Perhaps if you look a little beyond the media and its politics driven obsession of bankers bonuses (you do know that we have an election in approx 6 months) you may find the majority of the population of the UK working very hard to keep their jobs (in all industries and sectors from banking to bricklayers).

Society takes all types of professions, personalities and issues to tick - isn't time you learnt to be more magnificent and understand the bigger picture?

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