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November 13, 2009


Penelope Haccius

I've always been sceptical of Catherine M. In my experience, a woman goes along with her partner's desires for fear of losing him. For some women this means helping their husbands to entrap and abuse children. For others it just means getting into threesomes they'd rather avoid. In some (more rare) cases, you see the man going along with a female partner who wants "sexual freedom" - for the same reason.
Anyway, I don't believe that multiple-sex-partners-without-jealousy is for real. Someone is always just "going along" - for their own reasons. If Catherine M freaks out because her partner goes elsewhere, this does not prove she has "a heart"! C'mon ladies, let's have a bit more rigourous thinking here. We can all blither on as much as we like about the "freedoms" we profess to believe in and live by, but when push comes to shove human beings are rabidly sexually jealous. There is something that hurts about being put aside while your love-object decides to tup elsewhere. For men as well as women. It just hurts - no matter how much one may try to intellectualise the whole subject. It's the way we are wired.
It's very high time all the nonsense spouted about sexual "freedom" in the 60s and 70s was exposed for the superficial, issue-dodging rubbish it was.

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