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February 26, 2010


Space by Eliana Tomas

great post.
for many years i've worked on my own, though i love to work in teams. braimstorm ideas, develop them and put them to work. i built a new "way of being" in the professional field, and now i'm back to work for a company where my team is actually only women. it's been quite tough to both adjust myself again to the colleagues circle as well as to bring a different approach to it. what i've taken for the last two months, since i started to work with this team, is that many people doesn't know the difference, therefore they're either friends or enemies, there's no space to even consider a change. and i believe if we all understand the difference between friends and colleagues we can work better in teams too (because that's another thing people don't quite understand what it means).
thanks so much for sharing this article.

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