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February 11, 2010


Space by Eliana Tomas

well, i feel i should share my experience in here. 5/6 years ago i used to joke i didn't have time to get depressed - and i didn't. almost all my friends and family were in a depressed mood. and guess what? 4 1/2 years ago i came to london, and on my 3rd year in here i got into depression. there're many variants i can recall to dragging me there: i wasn't communicating in my mother tongue, got back to study, living in weird conditions, i'm from a very bright country and had no friends or family in london just to name a few. and yes, i didn't "let other people into your heart", but i'm not sure if it was because i didn't let or because no one was actually available to.
the funny thing is, it was through blogging that i was able to get up and start walking (again).


Many of our problems stem from this belief in the separateness of our identity, when of course this is not possible. Though we may convince ourselves we are not an integrated part of the whole, we nonetheless remain connected to everything. All these people around you, they're not separate, they're not even different, they're the same as you, and the same as each other. Mere beliefs or experience do not make them different to you.

Mind you, it's amazing how easy I feel happy when it's sunny, and low when it's grey. I think maybe the UK is the wrong place for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder.


I hope you'll do this one again as I missed it, and I could use it!


Thanks for the article
I didn't know about 'seasonal depression' maybe because I didn't know anyone who suffered from it until now, including me.
"The remedy for feeling down is to let other people into your heart."
What if they don't want to come in?


This is such a lovely, simple cure that I might actually incorporate it next time I'm feeling particularly glum--


In response to the previous comment, they might take the advice of the previous blog entry and begin by letting an animal into their hearts. Animals love unconditionally.

Nick Robinson

Feeling a bit down might not be quite the same as being desperate enough to take one's own life, but perhaps that isn't what you intended to suggest?

I've never suffered in this way but friends who have, have told me that it is extremely difficult during those periods to let people into your heart for fear of being hurt further or being considered unlovable or unacceptable.

What do you suggest for people who are perhaps more than just a little "down" so that they might feel safe and acceptable enough to let other people into their hearts?

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