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June 21, 2010


Ria Manolias, founder of Our Highest Good

I don't agree with Sue Hubbard. The reason we are not all Picasso is because we each have our own version of creativity. Also using one's creativity makes one more happy and therefore balanced. They don't necessarily require a predisposition to depression to be artistic, instead it is an example of how challenges in life lead us to search for a solution. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I help many people get in touch with their creativity by using their subconsicous mind more than the average person and this can also be done with meditation which I teach. Ria www.OurHighestGood.org


Creativity is in our mind it is a combination of visualization and imagination and also by using a sense of touching. The 1st cloud I saw a bird, the 2nd I saw a running man, the 3rd cloud also a bird and the last cloud is a cat.

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