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August 31, 2010


sheena Joughin

This seems a summary of the usefulness of William James to The School of Life; it makes it all seem like something you really would do well to understand, if only you could, like these really clever people in the school of life do! It hints that William James might have written a lot of things that would be useful for you to know - but you can't - because you're not (yet) a part of the school of life. It would be much more useful if it told you something about what The Varieties of Religious Experience is about - for example....and what a great great book that is - whether you do or do not want ever to have any kind of religious experience, ever. But "The School of life" seems to have as its agenda to instill the notion that no one knows anything into the populace - and then to make them frightened that others - somewhere in London - know more. Which is a silly notion to breed. It's a shame for William James that this nonsense has been written. Henry also would hate it.

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