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August 04, 2010


Aron Gersh

Wow! David Whyte really speaks the soul.
Here are the last two verses of a 6 -verse poem I wrote
called "Born at Home" . . . this verse below speaks of the same sort of regret-consciousness that David Whyte talks so eloquently about . . .

I do not know if I was born innocent
and need to recapture that guilt-free feeling.
I only know I have innocently hurt others
and feel guilty and bad about that
and wish I could find those long-lost persons
and ask for forgiveness

I do not know if I was born fully alive
and then lost some of that aliveness
I only know that I am half alive,
And half dead, each day of my life,
and my task is to find more and more aliveness

© Aron Gersh July 2001



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