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August 24, 2010


Heidi Barnes

That's the opposite of the virtual travel company "Recall" in Schwarznegger's film "Total Recall" , where you could have memory implants as if you had been on holiday to Mars without going further than the company labs . I would accept the memory implants & not accept the memory wipe/ destroyed pictures of the real holiday because it is real to me if I remember it & I'm paying for it .

Karen Pine

Absolutely agree! Instead of living for a two-week annual holiday perhaps we should analyse what we love about holidays and try to incorporate those things into our daily lives? If it's lying reading a good book all morning, trying exotic food, learning about a different culture, chatting with new people - we can do more of this if we choose to.
OK we can't create sunshine but even the weather is a state of mind sometimes.
As a psychologist I love Dan Kahneman's take on this - he says it's the memory rather than the experience of a holiday that make us happy.
As a thought experiment he asks would you refuse a holiday if at the end of it your photos were destroyed and you were given an amnesic drug? Is looking forward to our holiday actually just anticipated memories?
I recommend his Ted talk http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/daniel_kahneman_the_riddle_of_experience_vs_memory.html

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