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October 25, 2010


Drew Byrne

You know, there are some people who can’t maintain eye contact, and there are some who just like to stare you down. It’s a useful thing, eye contact; it’s supposed to be one of a human beings most basic and ancient human traits. It measures out the person in front of you and weighs him up before your eyes. It creates a bond of mutual understanding, breaks it, turns it down, ties it up in knots and wraps it up into the bargain. A useful thing it is: the ability to sustain and create eye contact; but it’s not a nice thing to loose. You had better understand eye contact among groups of people, it’s a basic human mechanism for social intercourse; understand it and understand how to use it, as if you don’t others will use it to their best advantage; and, of course, in those circumstances that could eventually mean to your own disadvantage. But after all, once this is understood, what is there to be afraid of in a little eye-to-eye contact? It’s merely a tool of the trade, use it as such and it is as much yours by right to use as anyone else’s, fail to do so and you are immediately put out of the human equation, possibly even becoming a candidate for ostracism among your peers. We all use a bit of eye contact in our everyday lives, the point is not to let it dictate our behaviour towards others, but to allow us to mould it to our satisfaction. I was going to say, “Let’s do it to them before they do it to us,” but really, it’s not that serious a matter after all, is it?


Good post!

I'd kinda forgotten in someways a lot of that stuff. I am going to make a point of being mindful I think.

Thank you.

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