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October 01, 2010



The problem is that images are used all over this blog with no photographer credits - it wasn't about just this one post or about the photographer whose image was previously shown here. Look back through the past 20 posts where images are used and see in some cases how easy it is to credit the photographer! While in other cases images have just been pinched from somewhere on the internet and used to illustrate your text (possibly out of context from the creators' original intention). Clearly there isn't an image credit policy here on The School of Life blog, but there should be. Newspapers and magazines do it, so do reputable blogs.

The School of Life

Our apologies to Lauren Randolph, we loved the picture - and wasn't our intention to offend.


I always wonder why images on this blog are not credited to their owners. It's really unfortunate I think, not to mention illegal, but morally disrespectful to creators of art.


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