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October 22, 2010


ali reza dourandish

Hi there, I found ur blog accidently and was very happy and surprized at that...it is so useful and I got many things of it.But I want to say sth ...I am from Iran and a translator of English to Persian(I have a B.A degree in this course) and I live in Iran now I am a teacher.I have a blog in my native language and translte some English texts to put them in it.If u agree I want to translate some of ur texts and put them in my blog but of course I need ur permission.So ,If u agree plz contact me if not never mind that ,s ur opinion and I still have great respect 4 u...

Paul Doolan

Are there not different types of anger e.g. the "rightous anger" you mention, but also the anger that is twined with resentment? And are not these two, in fact, better considered as two different emotions, bound together by a semantic slight of hand?

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