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November 09, 2010



If we lived in a perfect meritocracy then perhaps 100% inheritance tax and the abolition of private education would be a start towards fairness.

On the other hand is it fair to deny rich people the right to use their wealth to help their offspring to get a step ahead of the rest?

Obviously it is the questions like this which ensure we never will live in a perfect meritocracy, which would of course be a remarkably cruel and inhumane world. But then we must accept that the present arrangement will never produce a fair or equal society.

I guess the commitment towards perfect equality could also become inhumane, as the 1970s events in Cambodia proved.

Where does this leave us in our quest for defining a 'fair society'?

It'd be good to have the time to look into the concepts of anarchism and even benign dictatorship to find some answers.


"In a meritocracy such as ours". Do you really think our society is a meritocracy? You don't think that those at the 'top' might have been just a tiny bit lucky?

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