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November 02, 2010



A friend of mine is rather volumputous. And I don't mind having an afternoon spleep every now and a again...


Pit stop = underarm deodorant


My office organization system includes a box labeled "sticky stuff" (for post-its, glue, paper clips, tacks, etc.) and files named "Demands for my money" (bills), and Snail Mail (for stationary). I'm so glad to hear I"m not the only slightly goofy one out there. I still smile everytime I grab one of those thingamajobs.


As a child I dubbed my grandfather's gravy "Wavy Gravy" and now any truly excellent gravy in my family gets this moniker awarded to it. It's like a title now. Not to mention, I am called Bean and I refer to my iPod as my podly so it's Bean's Podly. Wacky, I know.

Martina Tierney

Well, not quite what you asked for, but I have a piece of furniture, something like a copy of a Jacobean piece and made in the 19th century. It's covered in little gargoyle style heads, and isn't at all precious. We call it the 'Satanic Altar'... I suppose this is because it's decorated at front and sides and very large and flat on top. In fact it used to be a taller piece, but at some point the back was removed thereby making it look more like a cupboard than a sideboard which it must have been originally. Now within my family this is quite funny, but I have noticed a few sidelong glances when I've referred to it with other people present...

My oldest son used to say 'stop compesting me' when he was little. I presume this was a mixture of 'complain' and 'pester'. We still use it...

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