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December 29, 2010


Polaganje Vozačkog Ispita

That is true. When someone is checking his own progress, he is inevitable forced to look onto milestones.

Pattaya Girls

sadly I can remeber very little omy life prior to 21 and i'm only in my late 30s :-(

Drew Byrne

I remember a remark, or, maybe, a quote, made by somebody or other once, “When you realize that the memories you can have are ones you don’t want, then what you do to acquire them becomes of immense importance.” I don’t remember the exact quotation, or who said it was so; but that’s one for the books I think, one, perhaps of relevance here in commenting on this post… But how long will you remember that someone has mentioned it to you? And then, is it one of any relevance to you? That’s the question.

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