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March 14, 2011



Spot on as ever.

Account Deleted

Great article, but note that Seneca, knowing nothing about the geology of the earth's crust and the causes of earthquakes, is wrong about "All places have the same conditions and if they have not yet had an earthquake, they can none the less have quakes". (Yes, I understand that other bad things can still happen -- the main point of the article still stands.)


The difference in reactions of citizens when facing Tsunami or Tsunami like waves is staggering. Japanese people are not grumbling. They are trying to cope up and will be on their legs sooner than we can imagine. Compare it with behavior of persons in New Orleans. There is no training and character building effort in USA. Seeking alms and living on dole is consider right.


Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.


Thank you for the article. It helped me think about what is happening. It's just horrible.

Natasha Golding

I wonder if living in a country more subject to nature's power can actually help maintain a sense of proportion when it comes to life's losses. It seems to me that the reactions from Western news agencies are affected by those nations being very much in a sense of denial about the power of nature. From what little I know about Japanese culture they seem to share more with the stoic take. It's almost as if what we're hearing is actually our own shock echoed back - made frightful by the fragility of any sense of control.

Joshua Darbo

Hear Hear!

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