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March 24, 2011


Clare Shepherd

I teach art -I've always seen my classes as places of discussion and ideas-swapping. My job is to help my students think for themselves and not to give them 'answers'. I'll help them look at a tree but never say 'you paint it like this'. When one of my students came to class and told me he was 'on the edge of greatness' I asked him if it was a race and if so was it a race in which he measured himself against others or race to match up to his own aspirations...and was he going to win? In fact my classes are happy, constructive and supportive and I'm sure add (I can attest) not only to my well-being but to the well-being of my students too. I used to teach in schools, for adult Ed and for the University of Bath but now I do all my teaching privately; I found the burden of bureaucracy too much. Once I'd left them all I felt I had claimed back what was mine -my teaching. I'm married to a school teacher...I hear so many acronyms -who knows what they mean or what good they do? I suspect they're all based on a 'good idea' that someone, not doing nor never having done the job of teaching, has had after reading a book. Ahh well...twas ever thus!

Drew Byrne

You can be so much better just by trying. Isn’t it just so amazing how nobody just up and tells you this.

Jules Evans

Hi Em

Theres a link in the piece to a Radio 4 show on SEAL - thats where the Department of Education was quoted.

All best


Emma Sutton

I'm currently in the process of researching primary seal as part of an assignment for my degree. Could you please advise me where to find documentation that the government no longer wish to spend any more time or money on Seal.
Many thanks,

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