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May 18, 2011



This is great. I just ordered the book. Can't wait to read it!

Drew Byrne

To be happy is to have something else to do: anybody could be happy with that.

Tom @ Tired of London

This is the same Johnson who was suffered severe bouts of depression and a thirst for drink bordering on alcoholism, is it?

He was a great man, but I'm not sure he was a particularly suitable model for a 'happiness project'...


It turns out that happiness is very simple. Once you break things down into the basic elements, you can see that literally happiness is the ability to get the things we need to physically be healthy, starting with our own bodies, and expanding out to the bodies of those around us. The more we get the high quality stuff we need to be healthy, the happier we become. We can make this more complicated than we need to, but we can also simplify it to "being able to get high quality food, water, air, warmth, sunlight, and the freedom to express our body's excess matter and energy". Maslow was on the right track...

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