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May 20, 2011


Drew Byrne

By the very nature of what it is, we must all miss out on something in life...the Google Zeitgeist Conference in Herefordshire seems a good place to start.


i'm a fan of philosophy but found myself getting very irritated as i read this blog. scientists often are, by the very nature of their work, curious and open-minded. they also entertain all manner of weird and wonderful theories, e.g. string theory. which specific claims and certainies of science are we talking about here? which particular science? physics and biology have given a pretty good account of why we exist. at the same time, psychology and neurophysiology are trying to unravel the mysteries of consciousness, emotions, perceptions of time and space etc., whilst also trying to offer practical solutions to our ailments. in this sense, science may be lagging behind philosophy, but the criticisms of science here seem unnecessarily harsh. the final paragraph is also extremely vague and comes across as pseudo-scientific. disappointing.

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