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June 06, 2011


Henry Dunn

Just noticed I said Jung more interested in Arts than Jung! Obviously I meant Freud!

Drew Byrne

I'm glad that clever people like Jung and his tribe think of these sorts of things for us, or else we wouldn't quite know what to make of ourselves.


Individuation an important concept, but so much more to Jung. You briefly mention some of them, which are worth exploring more. Particularly his ideas about therapeutic process and the im,portance of the therapist recognsing his own woundedness (Wounded healer archetype) I wrote about this in a paper called Parallel Journeys: How a Music Therapist Can Travel With His Client, published in a journal called Approaches (link available on my blog http://jazzmanhenry.blogspot.com/ He was one of the most influential of all psychotherapists, far more interested in the healing effects of the arts than Jung. The use of Mandalas is something I have taken from him too - he is rich source of inspiration.

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