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June 22, 2011


Drew Byrne

Now I know why they called the popular mental problem after it: throwing up can be such fun and can also give you a sense of purpose, give you a sense of inner meaning, even combat status anxiety. Nice post!


I celebrate this article in the spirit intended. I will raise a toast to Robert Wringham. Having started to do most of the things suggested I find myself unnervingly liberated.

Robert Wringham

"Is it considered in the Bohemian spirit to have children?"

I believe it is. The artist Augustus John was the archetypal Bohemian and had many children. For a while he took them all on the road with him in a covered caravan.

There's a great article on 'epic travel' with children in New Escapologist Issue 4 in which the writer takes his young family around the world with him. There's another in praise of the Bohemian youngster in Issue 5. Tom Hodgkinson's book 'The Idle Parent' contains what might be seen as a Bohemian attitude to raising a family.


Is it considered in the Bohemian spirit to have children?

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