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June 27, 2011


Drew Byrne

A man needs to hold on to the right to be miserable, as it is the only thing that makes him really happy when he is sad.

Ana Ferreira

I really feel like loosing time and I don't feel love about anything I do.
Maybe it's because I forgot what brings me pleasure.
And I lost myself pursuing the success my family expected from me.
All my cousins are succeed on what they do. At least I think so.
And I keep going from one side to another without sticking to anything.
I remain completely empty inside. I would like to be a wife. But love is not
a easy goal to achieve. In fact I achieved what I would like to be when I was
younger. And now, it doesn't give me pleasure anymore.

I'm going to try the hints in the text.
I already love School of Life!

You guys rock!

Best wishes,

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