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August 09, 2011


Kathleen Franks

I remember the word riot. It came to my memory the experience I had when I visited my uncle. The moment I entered their house, the riot just across their house came like a world war to me.

Mary Allen

It is true that everybody must think of the worthiness of one thing before going directly to it.


On the other hand, it would be interesting to analyze why substituting London's cleaning services and helping big corporations through volunteer work is commendable. Most small businesses will receive money either from insurers or from the police (according to the riots act). Isn't volunteer work mainly used to fill non-marketable, under funded gaps?

It would also be interesting to think why all this good will is not directed at helping people suffering through poverty, social or racial exclusion but towards retail and personal aesthetics ("getting my street squeaky clean").

Lovely that people can get together for a common cause but maybe there's more to be done than retouch make up.

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