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August 10, 2011


Drew Byrne

The urge to push a broom is stronger than the urge to make a mess... Or is it?

Cath Sunderland

Very interesting and informative piece. Thank you. I think another difference between those of us who riot and those who don't, is that the aspects of our (the non rioting) behaviour that are not pro-social are more obscured. So many of our collective actions (and inactions) in our western society are not pro social in a larger sense. Scratch under the surface and we see just how much we are implicated in the values or non values, that enable this rioting to manifest. We are colluding with the looting of the natural world, the violence against other cultures and the other than human world, to give us what we think we need in our society. This is not so obvious to us, so we are more socially acceptable to ourselves and others.

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