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September 29, 2011



This artical deals with changes in chemistry, when we feel happy. What it also does though, is makes the assumption that dopamine, oxytocin, and seratonin, are the actual CAUSES of happiness. As if the presence of these chemicals contribute to triggering feelings of happiness.

The causes of happiness, lie within the mind. The mind is bit a product of chemical makeup, neurological functionality, or any other physical process. It is actually the reverse. Our mind creates the appearance of our world, our universe, our bodies, our enjoyments and problems. The Buddha said that everything depends on the mind, in order for it to appear.

For those interested, look up 'emptiness', 'lack of inherent existence of phenomena', or 'shunyata'. This concept, of how things exist, challenges the assumption that everything we are seeing, actually exists 'out there', with no dependence on our mind.

So, I disagree with this article. Happiness is not merely a chemical spurt. The chemical spurts, happen, in dependence of our state of mind, of happiness.

Try closing your eyes, and wishing everyone around you to be happy. Note how happy it makes you feel.


Interesting. I like the idea that we can't control our environment 'in a way that ensures a steady flow of happy chemicals' - it's a way of wording the old prison of the senses. But I think there's a potential for transcendence of that heritage, a deeper going in which our chemical reactions to a phenomenological controlling aspiration are quieted.


Awesome, so all I need is some smack, some coke, and some nasal spray, and I have Loretta's perfect recipe for 'happiness'. Its just a chemical spurt, isn't it, so why shouldn't we artificially engineer it? What does Loretta mean by 'real life' anyway? Is that the name of a new drug? Where can I get it?

Jonatas Müller

Oxytocin comes in intranasal spray form.

I believe that hapiness is not "just" a neurochemical spurt, however, since it is necessary to have a specific neural system to receive these neurotransmitters and to transform their signals into happy conscious experience. The neurotransmitters themselves are just keys to unlock types of happiness. They couldn't, for example, be thrown into the cerebellum and be expected to produce happiness there. However, as keys they do serve in the causal chain and have specific subjective effects, which you explained well.

Loretta G Breuning

Unfortunately, heroin is basically endorphin and cocaine is basically dopamine, so the answer is yes, they're for sale and probably home delivered.
Serotonin is stimulated by anti-depressants, so that leaves oxytocin. No well-known way to get that.
So that leaves us with....real life!


Hi, are you selling these drugs? How much? Do you deliver?


absolutely brilliant.

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