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October 06, 2011



Thanks very much TruthandProgress! Feel free to get in touch: [email protected] - I'd love to read that paper. (And I like your blog, by the way).


Thanks for writing this important piece, Ben. My college experience was definitely stressful and my professors were definitely inaccessible. I wrote my capstone paper about this actually. I'd like to share it with you.


The conditions on societal improvements are what appears to impede them. No doubt the government wants a mentally sound young generation, not because it believes in this as a human right, but as it will ensure a hard-working, capital generating future. I don't mean this in a paranoid anti-government way, but human beings are seen in monetary terms and very little else. During a short stint in a Government institution I wrote a paper on the strains the health system will face in the future. Alzheimer's and other degenerative diseases were of course examined in the light of the emotional strain they put on families and the patient, but this was secondary to the financial costs of keeping an aging population healthy. Societies cannot improve while attempts to ensure people's mental and physical health are seen in financial terms first,and empathetic terms second.

Royn Ber Wendjaifa

If you can walk forward, step by step and get through adversity somehow, and if it does not kill you, then at least it will test your resolve thoroughly.

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