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November 04, 2011


Drew Byrne

You’re so right, I couldn't have put it better myself. We have to look after our local tree pits, and make sure they have room to grow. But not only that, but have you seen what these vandals from the Council have been doing in our names, these so called expert tree surgeons cutting down absolutely healthy trees to make more room for traffic and other public works of civic-minded vandalism? Yes, of course you have. Many trees that are just seen to be in the way are literally cut to pieces every day by council tree killers and turned to sawdust. Why, only last summer they came along out of the blue and attacked a Victorian horse chestnut tree (one that I've known leaf and branch for all my life) in the road near my flat by the steps going down to the station, and completely cut it to pieces -- piecemeal. They just came up one day early in the morning with chain saws and attacked it. It didn't stand a chance, one day it was standing there in full leaf and the next all you had left was a six foot stump sticking out of the pavement. The next week it was gone entirely and all that was left was a pile of raw sawdust in the road. Lowlife thugs, I mean, these tree surgeons are, and who asked them to do it? Some pencil headed bloody-minded bureaucrat from the bowels of the Council's transport committee I suppose, probably getting nasty because of middle-aged marital strife or loss of libido or something. And this is happening every day in London, and yet nobody has the bloody guts to stand up to these Council thugs and put a stop to it. It'll all end in tears some day, and we'll have no old trees left to us, as they'll all have been turned to sawdust long ago. And this, I suppose is just only what we deserve, if only because we didn't have the decent sort of ordinary everyday courage to stand up and say no, simply for the fear that we'd be penalized in some low underhand way by the Council's bully-boys, or have the Council Tax doubled or something. But something else is also stopping us from kicking up a fuss here, from protecting Mother Nature in her direst need where it counts: where we live; it's simply that in our deep seated apathy in the modern world, we just can't be bloody bothered...and that, after all, is something that's probably going to finish us all off for good in a few dozen decades years anyway -- mark my words!

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