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April 03, 2012


Laurel Swift

Dear Bilotherapist,

I am always inspired by your choice of books, although I find I have no time to read them.

keep up the good work,



Patrick - Is 'Unhinged' a she because only women can form relationships with their siblings and be affected by change?

Patrick Flynn.

I suggest that this woman, for clearly this is what this person is, should go and read A Hundred and One Uses of a Dead Cat. But not just for fun as I would do, but as an instruction to be not so sentimental about the inevitable, about the inevitableness of it all, about being and doing and being a bit more as well. This is the book she needs to read, as she is obviously a she, she should grasp it in both hands for inspiration, and leave sentimentality alone in the coffin where it belongs, along with a dead cat for company.

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